Healthy Eating and Active Living

Reducing the barriers to fresh, healthy foods and physical activity

Partners for a Healthy City: Healthy Eating, Active Living

Partners for a Healthy City

Being healthy is more than a task – it’s a lifestyle. Achieving the healthy lives we all deserve to have requires access to healthy behaviors and options at home, at work and at places along the way.

Partners for a Healthy City (PHC) is committed to cultivating a culture of healthy living throughout the community, allowing residents of Omaha and Douglas County to make healthy choices even when they’re not at home.Partners for a Healthy City

PHC is coordinated through the Wellness Council of the Midlands (WELLCOM), a local non-profit focused on workplace wellness. The initiative focuses on two important elements:

WELLCOM has worked with a number of local businesses over the past 30 years, delivering workplace wellness programs that create impact and deliver results throughout the Midwest.

Partners for a Healthy City works with businesses, community partners and faith-based organizations to implement policy changes related to encouraging physical activity and/or providing healthy food and beverage choices. Examples of policy changes include:

CoWorkers walking on treadmills during a meetingEach PHC organization is paired with a WELLCOM community trainer, who provides technical assistance, promotional resources and ongoing support.

Nearly 450 organizations have already given their support to adopt a policy change Thanks to PHC partners implementing more than 1,000 policies to increase access to healthy food options and support physical activity, more than 100,000 employees now have workplace options to help them make the healthy choice the easy choice. Join Partners for a Healthy City to help make Omaha healthier.

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