Healthy Eating and Active Living

Reducing the barriers to fresh, healthy foods and physical activity

Partners for Healthy Schools

Kids playing in a Gymnasium

Education and wellness go hand in hand. In order for children to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to bring wellness into schools.

Partners for Healthy Schools (PHS) is working with schools to gather their pledges to implement at least one policy change related to creating opportunities for physical activity and/or making healthy food and beverage choices available in their environments.

Partners for Healthy Schools initiatives include:

In partnership with Live Well Omaha Kids, PHS created a workshop model bringing Omaha-area school leadership teams together to support them in discussions and activities to identify, plan and implement wellness policies in their school environments.

School leadership teams complete a series of four workshops that provide professional development, network/sharing opportunities, and work time. All schools identify one nutrition and one physical activity goal and write related action plans. Goal areas include: ensuring healthy food is provided for birthdays and celebrations; removing the loss of recess as a punishment; and increasing physical activity opportunities during the school day.


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