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Smoke-free Multi-unit Housing

Smoke-Free Signs on a Table

High rates of smoking exist in some communities in our city. Many of these households with smoking adults also have children living in the home putting them at risk of secondhand smoke exposure.

With a focus on those communities, Douglas County Health Department (DCHD) and the Metro Omaha Tobacco Action Coallition (MOTAC) implemented a multi-faced approach to reach to convince tenets, landlords and property owners to support and include smoke-free multi-unit housing options.

They reach out to development groups, management companies and landlords, offering assistance with signage, materials and education; and encourage them to implement smoke-free guidelines — even if it meant beginning with one smoke-free building.

This phased approach is proving successful. An online map of the more than 50 multi-unit housing complexes with smoke-free options is being maintained for renters to consult as they search for housing options.

In just two years, the initiative surpassed its initial goal and a noticeable shift is occurring in Douglas County, impacting the lives of residents and children, as well as contributing to a healthier environment for our entire community.

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